PSAChina Special Themes 2016

PSAChina Special Themes 2016 · Judges

Mr. Daduan Deng

Chairman of PSA China. PSA Lead International Representative in China. Senior member of Photographic Society of New York. Honorary Consultant and Life Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Youth Photographers Association.

APSA, GMPSA/b, the founder of the German Mega Circuit, the German Open Circuit, the German Southern Circuit, and My Favourite Circuit.

Gruber, Markus Wolfgang
German photographer
WANG, Lung-Tsai
Taiwan photographer, 2014 Who's Who in Photography - Top Exhibitors

Wang, Yabo
Vice-Chairman of PSA China, Director of PSA ChinaChifeng Workstation.
Han, Shuanzhu

Member of PSA China, Chairman of the WulumuqiWorkers Photographic Society , Vice-Chairman of WulumuqiPhotographers Association.

Judging Sidelights of PSAChina Special Themes 2016

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